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DID Pricing

BinFone offers flexible pricing on DIDs in both domestic U.S. and foreign locales, based on what your business needs are and how you will use the extensions. Our online provisioning system allows you to instantly add DIDs already in stock on our system or to easily order DIDs for delivery in a short time. Below are our standard prices for these services (in USD); custom quotes for quantity or special applications are available.
Extension Type Setup Fee Monthly or Per-Minute Fee
Outbound Only None No monthly fee; $0.02 per minute
Toll-Free $5 $5 plus $0.025 per minute;
US50 + Canada;
8 simultaneous calls by default, additional upon request
1 to 4 simultaneous calls
$10 $5 per simultaneous call
4+ simultaneous calls
$10 $2.50 plus $12 per simultaneous call
- or -
$2.50 plus $0.01 per minute
8 simultaneous calls by default
Two-Way (In/Out) with E911 $10 $7
Inbound International Prices vary Prices vary per location

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