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BinFone's origination service offers customers the ability to receive a call from the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). BinFone can supply DIDs (Direct Inward Dial) and deliver them to your system via VoIP. We provision customers with DIDs, which may receive one or many inbound calls.

We offer a variety of inbound plans based on your needs. We offer unlimited inbound calls, and we offer toll free inbound with per-minute fees. We can supply DIDs via SIP, IAX2, and H.323 to meet your needs. We also offer a variety of codecs to meet your bandwidth and quality requirements. Numbers are available as single units or blocks (100). If a DID is in stock, it can be provisioned within 15 minutes. Depending on whether the DID order is Residential or Business the order time will be between six and nine business days.

US and Canada
We can provide a full service approach, from a single channel DID for a local calling area to accept inbound calls, to multi-channel DIDs to establish a local presence in anywhere in the US and Canada.

Toll Free Services
We can offer cost-effective toll free numbers for the US, Canada, and 73 other countries. We provide all toll-free services via your choice of protocol.

International Numbers, Toll Free and Freephone numbers
We can provide local numbers in many places throughout the world, and most can be provisioned within 24-48 hours, however when out of stock, or out of the way locations, order time may be up to 15 business days. We can also obtain and provision premium service numbers, local-rate, non-geographic, and vanity numbers in our coverage areas.

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