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BinFone's offers customers the ability to have their call terminated to the Public Switched Telephone Network. This means that customers can dial a call to any location in the world, and will be connected utilizing BinFone's high capacity network. BinFonemaintains relationships with a variety of small and large telephone companies, allowing us to offer our customers the highest quality service at the lowest possible price.

BinFone's switching equipment resides in carrier hotels throughout the United States where we maintain high quality connections to our carriers. We have developed a proprietary routing mechanism allowing us to provide our customers with the capacity and stability they need, regardless of size or location. If one of our facilities becomes unavailable, another facility automatically begins routing calls, with little to no customer impact.

BinFone's unique routing allows us to serve customers who may require only a single outbound call at a time, up to large call centers who need to make hundreds of concurrent calls. We interface to our customers using the industry standard SIP protocol, or, for Asterisk™ users, IAX. Click here for a more technical description on IAX Termination, SIP Termination, and Asterisk™ .

Because of our automated signup and provisioning system, customers can be online and sending calls within minutes. New customers are automatically granted 8 concurrent outbound calls. If you need additional capacity, requests are generally processed within 24 hours. Please call or contact us with your request. We regularly monitor utilization to assure that all customers are able to make the number of calls when they need them.

Of course, BinFone offers call centers and teleservice centers A-Z termination to meet all of your domestic and international needs. We offer high-volume customers:

  • Aggressive discounting
  • Multiple service packages to meet your individual needs
  • Hybrid VoIP-TDM routes
  • Multiple routes to all destinations
  • Automatic low cost routing
  • Dedicated routes are available

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