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Call Center/Teleservice Advantages

VoIP Reduces Call Costs
Long distance and international calls placed over a VoIP network are more cost effective than calls placed over conventional networks. Customers typically see a 15 to 30 percent decrease in their costs. BinFone further reduces our customers’ costs by negotiating highly favorable rates with telephone companies all over the world. Inbound teleservice operations can also see reduced costs, since BinFone is a leading provider of toll free and other origination services. Using VoIP can lead to substantial cost savings.

VoIP Reduces Equipment and Infrastructure Costs
VoIP Termination allows the integration of Voice and Data infrastructures. This reduces equipment and overhead costs while optimizing connectivity. A combined infrastructure also allows companies to consolidate their equipment purchases and obtain better scale.

VoIP Reduces Personnel Costs
VoIP Termination reduces personnel costs. Why support a telecom technical infrastructure, and a data technical infrastructure? Now you don’t have to. Now you can streamline your management, and reduce headcount, and maintain productivity and focus on a single infrastructure.

VoIP Maintains Call Quality
Call quality is important to your business. VoIP Termination can maintain call quality through selection of high quality telecom providers, and by appropriate routing over a mix of the public Internet and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

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